Code of Ethics


To give substance to these intentions, Veneta Trasporti S.r.l. applies, monitors, and continuously improves its Organisation and Control model suited to preventing predicate offences related to occupational health and safety and the environment and that promotes the pursuit of the objectives and strategic guidelines set out below.

Every employee of Veneta Trasporti S.r.l. must comply with environmental and occupational health and safety laws along with any other possible provisions Veneta Trasporti S.r.l. intends to freely subscribe to. This commitment also applies to consultants, suppliers, customers, and partners, and anyone with any relationship with Veneta Trasporti S.r.l. The latter will not undertake or continue any relationship with those who do not intend to comply with this fundamental value.


Objectives and strategic guidelines:

  • comply with the requirements of existing and future legislation on occupational health and safety and the environment;
  • ensure respect for the law not only by complying with current and future legislation, but also by paying particular attention to the prevention of potential offences in order to minimise the risk of crime;
  • evaluate and analyse company processes and activities, identifying areas at risk of crime (sensitive areas) and possible improvement measures with the aim of eliminating or minimising situations that are a risk for occupational health and safety and the environment;
  • establish as logical consequence and pursue goals for innovation and continuous improvement regarding the environment and safety with a view to prevention;
  • develop and maintain a driving role for management in continuously promoting the values of environmental protection and respect for occupational health and safety;
  • ensure the proper application of the technologies used and, where possible, pursue the improvement of those technologies or the adoption of more advanced technologies from the environmental and safety point of view;
  • ensure the involvement, participation, and joint responsibility of all workers for full support of the environmental and safety policy and the company objectives, for the development of a culture aimed at prevention, for the maintenance and development of safe work conditions; ensure that all workers (both at the time of hire and during their employment) receive adequate information and training on the contents of the company policy, on the environmental standards, and on occupational health and safety, on all questions of health and safety and the environment related to the activities of Veneta Trasporti S.r.l., on the Organisation and Control Model, and its implementation methods in order to help them understand the implications of their own role in the company and proper conduct in the workplace and inform them of their individual obligations with the goal of increasing their awareness and participation;
  • select suppliers according to the principles of this policy, requiring them to maintain proper conduct in accordance with it;
  • prevent injuries and damage to the health of the workers, including third-parties working inside the company;
  • ensure a reliable and complete system for detecting the data needed to manage the organisational model;
  • perform audits, inspections (even surprise ones) and internal audits aimed at identifying and preventing any situations that do not conform with the requirements of the adopted Organisation and Control Model;
  • prepare and fine-tune safety plans containing the necessary measures and procedures to prevent accidents or emergency situations and to minimise their effects;
  • pursue an open and constructive attitude towards the public and users as well as cooperate with the Trade Associations and other Institutional Stakeholders to increase awareness of the values of environmental and occupational health and safety;
  • submit corporate environmental and occupational health and safety performance to a yearly audit to assess the implementation and effectiveness of this Policy and to define goals and improvements to prevent crimes;
  • submit the company Policy to yearly revisions to evaluate its adequacy and any additions in light of concrete experience.


In particular, in regard to the environment:

  • adopt suitable measures to limit and, where possible, minimise and/or eliminate the possible “negative impact” the production activity has on the environment, not only through preventive measures, but also by adopting a precautionary attitude, when it is not certain whether and to what extent the business exposes the environment to risks;
  • choose to adopt suitable measures to prevent possible harm to the environment; pay particular attention to scientific and technological progress in order to prioritize the most suitable working measures and instruments to avoid harm to the environment;
  • pay attention to the evolution of the related legislation, in particular the “environmental crimes” set forth in Italian Law no. 68 dated 22/05/2015. The goal is not only to prevent pollution but also the risk of pollution.